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1.      Declare your topic to the class by posting a new thread in the related DB


1.     Declareyour topic to the class by posting a new thread in the related DB forum andtitling it with the key term you selected. This reserves your topic so thatother students cannot use it. Eachstudent must cover a different key term; no duplication of articles or keyterms is allowed.
2.     Conductan Internet search to find and read at least 3 recent articles that relate tothe key term you selected. Articles may be found in the International sectionof any reputable website that focuses on international business, such as WallStreet Journal, Financial Times, or the Economist. Another good source ofinformation is EBSCOhost, accessible through Liberty’s online library. Websiteslike,, Wikipedia etc. do not constitute scholarlyacademic articles and references.
3.     Of the 3articles you’ve read, select the article that you wish to discuss, and write areview of it. In addition, you must post all 3 (or more) recent articles to thereference section—even though you review only one of them. You may provideadditional references, but references do not replace 3 articles that relate toyour key term. Actually reference the article you review within the article review. Your review must include the followingsections (each section must be structured by a heading for each section):
A definitionof the key term: this does not count in the 200 word minimumrequirement.
A summary,in your own words, of the selected article.
A discussion,in your own words, of how the article relates to the selected chapter andkey term.
The complete citation, in APA format, of each of the 3 articles read andany other additional references; these do not count in the 200-wordrequirement.
Allreferences must be annotated.


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