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1. How does Cathy J. Thompson discuss Evidence-Based Practice? Does she distinguish between Evidence Based


1. How does Cathy J. Thompson discuss Evidence-BasedPractice? Does she distinguish between Evidence Based Practice (EBP) andEvidence Based Nursing( EBN)  ?
Inthe Evidence-Based Practice article presented Cathy J. Thompson (2016), she identifies the associationbetween EBP (evidence-based practice), and EBN (evidence based nursing) by giving a brief definition ofboth terms and by explaining the use of each. While the terms are often used interchangeably,they are distinguishable in that EBN expounds on the best evidence available byincorporating all health care team members in the healthcare decision makingprocess. EBP is a general termused in medical field that utilizes the best evidence available in makingclinical decisions. EBN,on the other hand incorporates EBP but also requires that all members involvedin the care of a patient, which includes nurses, to use the best evidence intheir final clinical opinion and treatment. She presents EBP as a tool thathelps nurses, and other clinical members to search and get the most preeminent researchevidence to incorporate it with patient desires and their clinical expertise togive the best possible healthcare services to patients.
2. What are the twoparadigms for nursing practice that Thompson (2016) contrasts with EBP, and howdoes she define them?
Thompson(2016) contrasts two nursing practice paradigms with EBP. The first one is Tradition-Based Practice and the second one is Authority-Based orEminence-Based Practice.
Tradition-Based Practice is defined by Thomson (2016) as: “This is the way we’ve alwaysdone it”.
Authority -orEminence-based medicine is defined as “relying on the opinion of a medicalspecialist or other prominent health official when it comes to health matters,rather than relying on a careful assessment of relevant research evidence” (Cassels,2012).
These are the twoparadigms that are often used in the practice. They are the approaches oftenused  to obtained the informationnecessary for research and to provide the best results for patient care. Cathy presents thesetwo paradigms as the approach used by nurses in obtaining the best research butanalyzing them. The two paradigms do not offer an evidence-based healthcarementality. The EBP approach requires different thinking and Practice because itleaves behind the old way of doing, the tradition, authority, and the eminencepractice requires a new approach. However, it can be harmful if not usedcorrectly.Both approaches still require nurses and other medical professionals to makeinformed clinical decisions  based onbest practices guidelines, research evidence, clinical expertise, and patientpreferences.
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