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1.      In an in-text citation, is it acceptable to include the author’s first and last


1.      In an in-text citation,is it acceptable to include the author’s first and last name?
2.      In an in-text citation,is it acceptable to include an author’s credentials (ex: RN, Ph.D., or M.D)?
3.      In a reference, is itacceptable to include the author’s first name and/or credentials?
4.      What information aboutthe author must be included in a reference?
5.      In a journal articlereference, what information is italicized?
6.      In a textbook reference,what information is italicized?
7.      After the title page of apaper, what belongs at the top of the first page of the text (just above thefirst paragraph)? Is this heading bolded?
8.      Where are page numberslocated in academic papers? On what page do page numbers start?
9.      On the reference page, isthe heading “References” bolded?
10.  How are referencesformatted on the reference page? By order they appear in text, or byalphabetical order?
11.  Locate any textbook(other than our course books) and write out a sample reference.
12.  Locate the followingwebsite and write out a sample reference for this webpage.
13.  Go to this website
Next: under the NationalLibrary of Medicine (NLM) heading, click on PubMed 
Next: type in NursingInformatics in the search field and hit Search
Next: a list of articleswill show. To the left there is selections to narrow the search:
Choose: Free full text, and 5 years. Notice theresults.
Next: Click on the titleon one of the articles.
Next: Look in theright-hand margin next to the title, you will see “cite”.  Makesure you have listed it correctly using the APA format.
Next: taking theinformation noted in the article, format a proper reference.


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