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9.5 case study – unicorp essays


Read the case and answer the following questions. Please refer to rubric for grading details.
By the midpoint of her junior year, Karen had gained her freshman fifteen and then some; at 163 pounds she weighed 21 pounds more than she did when she started college. Although Karen had gained a few pounds when she was introduced to a 24-hour, allyou-can-eat cafeteria, most of this weight gain had occurred over the most recent year and a half, when she began taking extra courses to allow for a double major in economics and theater. As Karen looked back at how her living situation had changed, it was not hard to pinpoint why. Although she had been fairly active during her freshman year, Karen found little time to exercise in the past year and a half. She had dropped out of her schools rugby team to allow more time for another course. She had also been rewarding herself, first with snacks and then with a second dinner of comfort food, during her late-night study sessions and drinking multiple caffeinated soft drinks per day to stay awake.
After trying on yet another set of pants that no longer fit, Karen is determined to improve her health and lose weight.


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