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a) Locate a recent *news* article dealing with some aspect of crime/criminal justice. The article


a) Locate a recent *news* article dealing with some aspect of crime/criminal justice. The article should be taken from a credible national or local newspaper or credible on-line news source**. b) First, write/review and discuss some of the errors in personal human inquiry discussed in class and/or from the required reading material, in your own words.   c) Then, demonstrate how the author of the article or the topic of discussion used personal human inquiry errors. There may be one or several. It is to you to decipher and defend d) Give an/some illustration(s) of such personal human inquiry error(s) in the article and what type they are. Explain and defend your position clearly. e) Finally, discuss how you would alter/re-write the article to avoid making these error(s). f) Past the url in proper reading format so I may easy access it.   CITE when needed and use APA citation format. Plagiarism is never tolerated.
**In order to complete this assignment accurately, you should choose a NEWS article that is not “too short” for you to complete the assignment requirements effectively. Your assignment should be approximately 1 ½-2 double-spaced, typed pages. Always use Times New Roman 12” font with 1” margins all around. Be sure to use correct grammar, style and spelling as this is just as important as the content of your essay. Run a spell and grammar check prior to submitting the assignment.   *Editorials, letters to the editor, feature stories, government documents, magazine articles, opinion pieces and sports stories are NOT considered NEWS articles. Think of a news story as something that would appear on the first (or second) page of the AJC. The article needs to have been published sometime in the past three months.   **DO NOT use magazines at all. Newspapers (AJC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc.) or reputable on-line news sources (AP, Reuters, CNN, etc.,) only. 


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