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A person who has most impacted your life and why


please rewrite the following college admission essay.  

There have been many people who have impacted my life inboth negative, and positive ways, but no one has impacted my life as much as mymother. Since day one, my mother has been there for every up and down I haveencountered.  Every time I was sick orhurt, she would be by my side helping me with anything I need. If I ever hadchildren, I would hope that I could raise them half as good as she has, and Ihope that I can just be there for my children just like she has me.
An example of how she impacted my life is when I was in thethird grade. In the third grade, I was two reading levels behind all the otherkids. I was attending specials classes to help improve my reading, but I madelittle to no progress until my mom helped me. whenever my mom stepped in tohelp, she told me one thing that I will never forget, she said: “it’salways better to take your time and understand the passage rather than speedthrough it and only understanding part of it.” That simple sentence notonly made me go from two reading levels under all the other kids, to two levelsabove, but I also learned that taking your time on almost anything has a muchbetter benefit than trying to get something done quickly.


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