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A summary – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

A summary of a text is a brief account of its main points. The purpose of a summary is to provide an accurate and objective view of a text while using fewer words than the original text. For this assignment, summarize the following text:

“What WIll Art Look Like in 20 Years”


The first one or two sentences of your summary should contain essential and relevant information about the text (e.g., author, title, date of publication, place of publication) and the thesis or central idea of the text.In your summary, paraphrase the thesis and the main points of the text. Use quotations sparingly and only when necessary. If you choose to include quotations, integrate them effectively in your writing.Organize the points clearly and logically. Imagine you are writing the summary for an audience who has not read the original article.Remember that your tone should be objective and you should avoid including your own opinions or referring to your personal viewpoints.Choose appropriate reporting verbs to use in signal phrases, showing the reader that you are referring to the authors ideas and not your own.Provide accurate in-text citations according to MLA formatting rules.Write in an academic style. Make sure to edit your paper for organization, language (e.g., accurate use of vocabulary and grammar), and format.

Grading Criteria

Presentation of main pointsCitationsOrganizationLanguageFormat

Assignment Sheet: Summary (max 5 sentences)

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