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Abraham Lincoln Is my my topic – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

As you research and learn more about a topic, you will begin to consider the historical context of a topic to narrow the focus of your research.
In your initial post, do the following:

Share the topic you have chosen for the projects in this course with your classmates. Briefly describe the historical event you have chosen to analyze as well as the research question you will attempt to answer in your essay.
Consider your webtext reading about Qubcois immigration. If you were researching this topic, what else would you like to know about the experience of the Qubcois immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1870 that might not be covered in this piece?

This week we considered a topic in the reading and considered how topic exploration helps with historical inquiry. Respond to your peers by describing what you would like to learn about their selected topics. Explain what questions you have about the topic and consider what additional information would you need in order to understand the historical context.

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