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Academic Self The last 2 bullets are important for my paper. – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

An individuals evaluation of their success in academic or educational studies. The two aspects of this evaluation are (a) a general academic self-concept in which students assess their overall learning skills and performance; and (b) a specific academic self-concept of their prowess in such specific subjects as mathematics, social science, or language studies. A major consideration for any individual is whether a positive self-concept is an aid to academic achievement. Another consideration is whether academic achievement, in itself, enhances a positive self-concept.

pick three words that describe your academic self and then talk about why you chose those three words, or,
describe your relationship to your academic self (if you’re someone who thinks about the different sides of themselves they bring to different social situations), or,
think about who you used to be (academically) in high school and who you are now, or,
if your academic self has changed since starting college, or,
look up different definitions of “academic self” and explore how these definitions might apply to how you conceive of yourself within this academic environment
What from the readings for this week will you incorporate into your idea of your academic self?
I’m a deep thinker, very expressive, open minded. Those 3 describe me as a student.
The link at the bottom is what we read this week.

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