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Administrative Professional – unicorp essays


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Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX Email:
Summary of Qualifications:
Administrative Professional with 8 years inn office management, administrative support, and travel that thrives in a demanding fast-paced environment. Contributed to successful operations of various sectors by streamlining processes to increase productivity. Results- Oriented leader with experience in invoicing, document control, and financial reporting. Effective at managing diverse team members to accomplish the business goals. Detail and efficient, with strengths in both project time management.
Core Strengths include:
Administrative Support
Invoice Processing & Billing
Promote Compliance
Policy and Regulations
Operations Management
Document & Correspondence Preparation
Analysis and Trending Reports
Travel Coordination
Audits and Reviews
Meticulous Attention to Detail
National University, Masters in Business Administration – Present
University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Business
M…..Junior College
Work Experience:
VA March 2021 to Present
Transportation Assistant Supervisor
is responsible for the direct supervision and full supervisory responsibility of all travel agents assigned to the assigned Section within the Service.
Assign work to employees, evaluates work of subordinate staff, monitor workload and volume. Responsible for managing Human Resource aspects of service operations, including hiring process, disciplinary action and Labor/Management relations. Responsible for resource management and distribution, assessing staffing levels and needs, space planning, and assessing equipment and technology needs along with corresponding requests for needed resources. Prepares performance plans and performance evaluations; recommendations for appointment, awards, advancements and ensuring new hires are properly vetted. Monitor’s staff competencies and updates staff competency folders in accordance with all regulatory guidelines and identifying continuing education and training needs. Skillful in interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. Complies with and ensures that Department of Veterans Affairs EEO guidelines are followed within the Service.
Supervise, direct and manage a diverse travel staff and is involved to on-the-job team problem solving; developing, implementing and evaluating improvements to work processes and identifying continuing training needs. Support and is involved in teamwork and/or team building both within the incumbent’s Service.
Possesses subject matter knowledge of the organization and Service to respond to requests, inquiries, problems, and to identify and communicate any discrepancies in scheduling
Use judgment in locating and selecting appropriate guidelines, policies, procedures, and other sources and adapts them according to the circumstances of the specific situation.
Responsible for data collection and validation. Ensure that travel errors (e.g., paying issue) are corrected timely. Ensure that travel vouchers are addressed by staff in a timely manner. Assign and review work, setting deadlines, and taking corrective action when goals are not met.
Controlled Substance Inspector September 2019 to Present
Responsible for conducting Monthly unannounced inspections of all controlled substance storage, dispensing and administration sites throughout the Medical Center and Research Service including offsite locations.
Inventory- Verify and count Narcotics with Unit Staff. Ensure that Unit staff are conducting their own weekly counts. Narcotics Drips Audit. Trace Controlled substance activities from the point of ordering to the point of administration or dispensing/wasting.
VA December 2020 to March 2021
Lead Transportation Assistant
Responsible for the supervision of 7 Beneficiary Travel staff to include schedules resources, collection of data, tracking, reporting metric and program/department support, and budget management. Generated reports, determined costs, prepared program budget forecasts, and made recommendations for special compensation awards. Maintained the validation, control and accounted for the records of many travel accounts and various fund control points. Performed audits and compiled data for reports requested by management. Researched the requests and demands for users, identified transportation alternatives, reviewed regulatory processes, facilitated communications between agencies, and developed incentives to encourage agency participation. Surveyed and evaluated the transportation program operations to access compliance with applicable regulations, policies, and procedures.
VA October 2018 to December 2020
Transportation Assistant
Responsible for the determination of eligibility for entitlement to travel at VA expense. Received requests from admitting physicians and other delegated persons for movement of beneficiaries by ambulance, air ambulance, car, etc.
Arranged transportation for inpatient Veterans that need to be transferred and processes the appropriate forms for payment.
Completed complicated emergency air ambulance transfer arrangements where time is of the essence. Prepared vouchers for reimbursement for travel expense of Veterans, and the procurement of authorized special mode transportation. Prepared and releases correspondence for denial letters, or requests missing information in order to adjudicate claims in a timely manner.
Gathered all corresponding documents, ensures the appropriate control point reference information is included. Investigated authorizations, orders, and/or utilizes the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) to review medical records.
McKean Defense Group July 2018 to October 2018
Admin/Personnel Support Coordinator
Successfully created an Administrative Department from the ground up, implementing new operating procedures to make a seamless transition for over 325 personnel. Trained 4 junior personnel which resulted in the submission $250,000 worth of travel claims, processed 1,500 profiles for personnel, tracked and edited 3,500 leave profiles and transactions, and coordinated 60 award ceremonies for awardees. Provided accurate documentation to allow timely responses to company personnel needs and deadlines, processing over 1,500 pieces of Naval Correspondence efficiently and effectively with little to no errors.
Entrusted with members Personally Identifiable Information; Responsible for processing all new gains communicating with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) on behalf of members concerning pay, entitlements as well as attending monthly Command Pass Coordinator training given at PSD. Assisted in the accountability and reporting of assigned members during and in the aftermath of contingency and emergency planning and response
USS RAFAEL PERALTA (DDG 115), U.S. Navy February 2017 to July 2018
Pay Clerk
Managed and processed a total of $2 Million in pay entitlements for over 325 personnel. Liquidated a total of 1,500 claims leading to $3 Million in reimbursements. Oversaw the day to day processing of payroll for 325 employees, including review of timesheets and computing pay in accordance with FLSA. Maintained efficient internal accounting controls, adherence to accounting policies and other company policies and procedures. Reconciled all payroll liabilities to the general ledger and prepared monthly payroll accrual entries. Managed payroll for an organization of 325 personnel.
USS RAFAEL PERALTA (DDG 115), U.S. Navy August 2016 to February 2017
Travel Coordinator
Processed travel entitlements for 325 personnel with less than 1% discrepancy rate.
Provided information to customers on mode of transportation, financial considerations, travel dates, and accommodations required. Coordinated, developed, planned, supervised, and implemented every aspect of travel arrangement for staff, and executives. Assisted travelers with setting up accounts in the system, obtaining government travel credit cards, passports and visas for foreign travel. Became familiar with all travel related regulations and ensured each traveler abided by all travel regulations including foreign travel. Managed travel logs and filing system of all receipts from each traveler’s trip and included a copy of the voucher in the employee’s file. Provided training on card reconciliations; managed to account for certification on funding availability, reporting requirements, and analyzed reports for accuracy.
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