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Adrizalia Soldaduras, SL – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

company of small dimensions created in 1988 in Barcelona, it is dedicated to
distributing products of own creation and patent like strippers, seals and
repairers for domestic heating copper pipes.

Last years the company turnover has been
maintained stable because of the crisis and the benefits have decreased (fixed
and variable costs have increased). It is located in the centre of Barcelona in
the same facilities where it was founded 30 years ago.

The company has not recovered from the
economic crisis because the national market does not grow, and adrizalia
soldaduras, s.l. needs to start exporting.

Joan A. is the founder and general manager
and manages the company following areas: finances, purchases and helps in sales.
He retires at the end of the present year giving the way to the next
generation: his son Joan B.

Joan B is aware that the company must make
many changes if it wants to successfully face the new challenges of the next
years. He must optimize many operations and processes because, in the past, all
the changes that he wanted to make were stopped by his father.

There is a sales director who manages a
vendor for Barcelona and 9 independent distributors.

In manufacturing, there are 4 people: 1
manager, 2 line assistants and the person who finalizes the products and packs

In warehousing, there is 1 person who is in
charge of loading and unloading trucks and a warehouse boy.

In logistics, there is only 1 person who is
responsible for preparing the goods to be shipped.

In total there are 10 people.

The organization chart is as follows (the
areas indicated in black are covered by personnel from outside the company): 

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