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Advanced Pricing Research Paper – unicorp essays


Using 3 resources that my professor provided to write a memo about the current state of price personalization on the internet.

a 2018 report by the OECD about Personalised Pricing in the Digital Era, which contains a briefsurvey of the empirical evidence on personalized pricing (Section 2.4) 
an empirical research study by Hannak, Soeller, Lazer, Mislove and Wilson (2014) and the associatedproject website at 
a 2015 report by the White House Council of Economic Advisor on Big Data and Differential Pricing

[Questions need to be addressed in the memo]:
1. What different forms can online personalization (not just in prices, but more broadly) take? What arethe differences between personalized pricing, price steering, and A/B price testing? Which of thesepractices can be used to achieve discrimination across buyers with different willingness to pay, andhow? 
2. Why is it challenging to accurately detect personalization empirically? How does the study by Hannaket al. (2014) try to overcome these challenges? 
3. Provide a brief summary of the available evidence on personalized pricing and price steering by onlinesellers. Based on the evidence to date, would you say that online price personalization and steeringare widespread? 
4. What are the main potential benefits for an online seller from price personalization/steering, andwhat are the main risks and obstacles?5. Do you think online price personalization will become more or less widespread in the future (think oftechnological developments, (self-)regulatory responses to consumer privacy concerns,)? 


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