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Agency & Community Analysis – unicorp essays


19Jan 2022 by

10 Pages notincluding cover and reference pages. At least three references fromprofessional Journal Articles. No references will result in grade of Zero (0)
The Agency Analysis paper and presentation requires students to be ableto act as professional representatives of their respective agencies and toutilize agency materials and staff to research and to accurately provide agencyinformation to their peers/colleagues including mission, history, funding,organizational structure, clients served, services offered, theories utilized,relevant social policies/legislation, the intern role in the agency. Work onthis assignment will begin in the Orientation to Field sessions. 
Outline: Identify yourplacement
1. Name and location
2. Brief history of organization
3. How has it changed over time?
1. Social problems and community needs your agency is designed toaddress.  Include discussion of needsassessments which have been done, and other evidence of the nature and extentof the problems, as well as what your agency views as the major causes of suchproblems.
2. Description of the agency goals and objectives, and the programs andservices designed to carry them out.
3. Describe the structure of your agency. Include an organizational chart and mission statement. Give a generaljob description for each level on the chart. Include discussion of how the agency is funded.
4. Give a detailed description of the programs (s) in which you areplaced. (For Example
Child Welfare).  Describe your rolein the agency.  Include how you relate toclients, workers, and the services which the agency provides.


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