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Airline Globalization in 2018 – unicorp essays


08Jan 2022 by

Read the two supporting documents focusing on airline globalization in 2018:

Aviation Benefits: contributing to global economic prosperity   (middle of page)

Using the section titled “Regional Economic Impact of Aviation,” prepare a one-page (not including cover and reference pages) APA-formatted summary report that answers the question: Of the six worldwide regions displayed, which one do you think has the greatest potential for airline growth, and why?

Please try to follow the rubric as closely as possible 


Organization and Context
Should provide an effective and concise overview/introduction; develops a coherent, central theme that is expressed in a structured, organized, and logical manner.

Knowledge and Comprehension
Should address given assignment requirements; there should be evidence from course content and from valid, external sources should be used.

Analysis, Evaluation, and Application
Should identify and analyze issues and relationships between factors with examples; supports argument based upon solid body of evidence; should apply to real-life situations and defined, if required.

Style and Mechanics
Mechanics of style should enhance content understanding, and writing skillfully supports the message and is in required format. Citations and references present and IAW APA.


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