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Analyze appropriate research methodologies in preparation of a research proposal. – unicorp essays


20Jan 2022 by

Completing the Research Proposal
You will create a research proposal on a topic from the list below. It should be 68 pages in length and include a minimum of five sources.

Select a topic from the 
Review the 

The proposal should contain the following sections:

Review of Literature,
Variables and Hypothesis,
Population and Sample,
Research Design, and
Data Collection Method(s).

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines, including a title page and reference page.
Submitting Your Assignment
Compose your proposal in Word and save your document in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn Assignment).
Minimum Submission Requirements

This Assessment should be a Microsoft Word (68 pages) document, in addition to the title and reference pages.
Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
Your submission must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
Your submission should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
A separate page at the end of your submission should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.
Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. Review the writing resources for APA formatting and citation found in Academic Tools. Additional writing resources can be found within the Academic Success Center.
Your submission should:

be double-spaced;
be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font;
include correct citations;
be written in Standard English with no spelling or punctuation errors; and
include correct references on the reference page(s).

If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.
Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. It violates the University Honor Code, and the offense is subject to disciplinary action. You are expected to be the sole author of your work. Use of another person’s work or ideas must be accompanied by specific citations and references. Whether the action is intentional or not, it still constitutes plagiarism.


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