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Analyzing Short Story – unicorpessays -Excellent Writing Services


Name: ________________


Critical Analytical Diagnostic

Provide a thorough answer for each of the questions below. You must embed supporting details into your writing.


· Graded using the Thought and Understanding, and Supporting Details of the Critical Response Rubric. The category will be assessed out of 5: (Value: 10 Points)

· You must consider the criteria in the two categories listed above and self assess your work.


Answer each of the following questions, using support from the story, on a separate piece of paper.

1. Why does he leave home? What is his motivation or goal?


2. What does the reader learn about his social status?


3. What are other people’s reactions to him?


4. What mood is created by the images in the story?


5. Which of these images symbolic or stereotypical? Explain.


6. Create a theme statement for the text.

Thought and Detail/Supporting Evidence


Thought and Detail:



Effectively relates ideas to the assignment.


Interpretations and understanding are of a high quality.


Ideas are:

E- insightful, carefully considered; subtle distinctions

Pf- thoughtful, considered; competent comprehension

S- relevant and straightforward; generalized comprehension

L- superficial, oversimplified; weak comprehension

P- absent, irrelevant, underdeveloped; little comprehension


Literary interpretations and understandings are:

E- perceptive and illuminating

Pf- revealing and sensible

S- general but plausible

L- incomplete and/or literal

P- little comprehension of literary text

Supporting Evidence:



Selection and quality of evidence is precise and evidence is employed, developed, and synthesized capably.


Selection and quality of evidence is:

E- precise, astute; reinforces ideas convincingly

Pf- specific, well chosen; reinforces ideas persuasively

S- general, adequate; reinforces ideas acceptable

L- inadequate, inaccurate, inappropriate; lacks persuasiveness

P- irrelevant, overgeneralized, lacks validity and/or is absent


Connection of evidence to ideas demonstrates:

E- a valid connection is efficiently maintained

Pf- a sound connection is capably maintained

S- a reasonable connection is suitably maintained

L- a weak connection is maintained

P- little or no connection is evident


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