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Animal Farm, George Orwell – unicorp essays


07Jan 2022 by

Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore Animal Farm and the article “Stalin: A Brutal Legacy Uncovered,” it’s time to explore your thoughts on both texts and the implications they have on the current world. The important thing to remember here is when expressing your thoughts and interacting with the thoughts of others is to focus on the ideas and the evidence. When formulating your own responses, provide detailed evidence and explanation to make your point. Also, try to avoid all of the logical fallacies you have learned about. Additionally, when responding to your peers, especially when you disagree with their responses, it is important to focus on evidence and explanation. Don’t attack the person presenting the ideas. For that matter, don’t attack the ideas either. You can present an opposing opinion or idea with evidence without bringing down the other ideas/person.
Discussion Prompt: 
Choose two of these prompts and respond with an answer of a full paragraph (a good 5 or more sentences) explaining your thoughts. Your response should reference one or both of the texts used in this lesson. Be sure to begin your response by stating which questions you are answering.

What freedoms do we take for granted in the United States? Do you think we have too much freedom? What freedoms cause problems?
What freedoms do you think we don’t need in the U.S.? Which ones would you be willing to give up if you thought it would make you safer or more comfortable?
Both Napoleon in Animal Farm and Stalin were dictators. Also, both had someone (Squealer) who’s job was to spread the message and bring the people under the influence of the dictator. How can this been seen in our modern, democratic society? Who is the bearer of messages and how do they influence people?
Why do you think the animals/people continued to follow Napoleon/Stalin? What was their motivation? What did they hope to gain or fear losing if they didn’t follow?
Would it be possible for this level of extreme dictatorship and decimation of humanity be able to take place today? Why or why not? What systems do we have in place to prevent such things?

Discussion Responses
Reply to two classmates’ posts. Positive comments regarding the quality of the post are fine, but do not earn points (e.g., thats a great point or I like your post).  To earn credit, a response should contain 13 sentences extending the point made in the classmate’s post; for example by asking a question, providing an example, connecting to other concepts, or providing additional information related to course concepts. 


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