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Annotated Bibliography Assignment – unicorp essays


This assignment will provide a first step in completing your research paper later in the term. Each student is
required to develop an annotated bibliography of at least five peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to the
subject of the research paper. Your complete list of references should include no less than seven references.
Suggested Topics include;
1. Public Relations and Gender
2. Crisis Communication Research
3. Millennial workers in the PR field
4. Public Relations and social media usage
5. Image Management/Reputation Management as a PR function
6. Measurement and Evaluation in Public Relations
7. Image of Public Relations in the mass media
8. The relationship between Public Relations and Journalism
The list of references developed for the annotated bibliography should identify at least seven sources relevant to
your research paper topic and provide annotations for each source; books, scholarly journal articles, newspaper
articles, online Web sites (no Wikipedia), etc. At least five of the sources must be selected from scholarly
journals in the public relations discipline. These journals include, but are not limited to: The Journal of public
relations research, The public relations journal, Public Relations Quarterly, Public relations research annual,
Public Relations Review, Communication World, Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Journal of Applied
Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of Public Opinion, Culture and Organization,
Academy of Management Journal, Organization, Organization Studies and Human Relations
Your citation should be written in your own words, not adopted from annotations available online or from other
sources. The content of your annotation should indicate why you think this source will be useful and relevant for
your research paper. Each of the at least seven selected sources must be summarized in a 150-word abstract
including complete references. All written materials must be prepared using the APA Publication Manual (6th
ed.) writing style, format, structure, and grammar and syntax. 


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