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Anotating A Poem – unicorp essays


08Jan 2022 by

For this assignment, you must annotate the attached poem by Margaret Atwood, entitled “Death of a Young Son by Drowning.” – 
Please follow these instructions:

Print out a paper copy of the attached poem (which can also be found in the Files folder).
On your printed copy of the poem, perform a close reading of the various elements of the poem, and write down your observations on the poem itself. This is called annotation.

(See the following YouTube videos on how to annotate a poem:

Loading media…

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You can also find examples of what an annotated poem might look like:

Once you’ve annotated the poem (note: a good annotation often looks quite messy, yet it’s readable), either scan or photograph your annotated poem, and then upload it to Canvas.

Do NOT reference any outside sources to help you annotate. You should be relying entirely on your own observational skills and your own thinking. Don’t worry about getting the meaning of the poem “wrong”; the point of this exercise is to practice poetry annotations.


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