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In 150-200 words, compare and contrast ONE idea that is one haiku poem by two different haiku poets.  This should be in a solid paragraph form.  That is, you should make sure your paragraph has a clear assertion (topic sentence where you are explaining the connecting idea between the two poems and whether your are comparing or contrasting the poems); an evocative quotation from each poem that “proves” your assertion, although since the poems are so short, you may want to use the entire poems; and, most importantly, your careful and detailed analysis of the chosen quotations/poems (and the analysis should be directly connected to your assertion). Choose two of this poets & poems                      Matsuo Basho:  Haiku 1-15                                  Yosa Buson:  The first two columns of haiku                                                        Fukuka Chiyo-ni:  All poems on this page            


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