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Any topics that issued on business ethics – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

The paper should be 5-7 pages (double space, typewritten) and explore the ethical and/or philosophical dimensions of an issue in business and consumer ethics. The paper counts for 20% of your course grade and so it should be a significant effort. You may write on any topic you choose as long as it is a topic in business ethics, relates to the course in some way. (Below I provide some suggestions about topics.) You can choose an issue we discuss during the semester or some other topic that interests you. Make sure you write on an issue that you want to spend some time thinking about. Your final paper should include a cover page and conclusion and must be meet APA guidelines. Use citations and include a reference page. Ensure that you use some content from your textbook and include it in your citation and reference.
Possible Paper Topics for Business Ethics
(Papers are not limited to these topics! Shape the topic in your own way.)
1. Concept of a fair or living wage: Should businesses be required to pay workers a wage they can live on? How does this relate to the minimum wage?
2. Sustainability, environmental responsibility, and Business
3. Advertising ethics: Distinguish between ethical and unethical advertising. Possible issues to
consider: a.
b. c. d. e.
f. g. h. i.
What counts as deceptive/misleading/unfair advertising
Whether or not ads can and do manipulate and undermine peoples autonomy Ads and privacy
Inappropriate ads that do not deceive
Freedom of speech and advertising; Should advertisers have freedom of speech that is compromised by laws prohibiting certain types of ads?
Advertisings treatment/depiction of women
Any limits on where ads should go; places ads dont belong? Why or why not? Ethics of green marketing and greenwashing
Advertising to children
4. Pros and cons of the use of child labor in the developing world by U.S. corporations.
5. Do businesses have social responsibilities to the communities in which they are located?
6. Why corporations do (or do not) only have negative duties and no positive duties.
7. Ethical and philosophical issues in product liability law (possibly considering the
McDonalds coffee burning case and the suit about how fattening the food is)
8. Ethical issues in social media environments
9. Ethical issues in advertising to children. How it can (or cant?) be done properly
10. Do Americans consume too much? Why it does or doesnt matter.
11. The ethics of selling dangerous produces (e.g., guns, drugs)

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