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Assignment #5 – unicorp essays


23Jan 2022 by

Please read the Portfolio Project Assignment, Option #1, directions in Module 8.
For this week’s Milestone, you will continue your literature search in the  to identify four additional peer-reviewed articles related to your selected topic. You will synthesize these four additional sources with the four sources you identified in your annotated bibliography last week and create a literature review of the eight combined sources.

Visit the CSU Global Writing Center’s section on . Visit  for additional guidance.
A literature review is a summary of published information in a subject area, sometimes limited to a specific period. Researchers benefit from literature reviews since they provide a critical evaluation of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. Frequently, a literature review will highlight disagreements between different scholars or schools of thought.

Other Submission Requirements:

Format your submission according to the .
Refer to the .
Your final literature review must be 2-3 pages in length in addition to the required cover and reference pages.
Refer to the Portfolio Project Milestone grading rubric.
Please proofread your paper to ensure the sentences, paragraphs, and ideas flow well and are logical, concise, and grammatically error-free.


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