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Assignment 7: Web-Based Research Resources Purpose: The purpose of this exercise


Assignment 7: Web-Based Research ResourcesPurpose: The purpose of this exercise is to familiar you with a variety of web-based research resources where you can collect information and data for conducting your Global Business Expansion Plan.Instruction:1. Visit which contains insightful and very valuable data that anyone would need when conducting research for global business.a. For example, you can search global insight by country, by industry, by trade block…etc. (see the Appendix). b. Under “Tool and Data”, there are a variety of statistic data and interactive ranking tools (see examples in the Appendix)  2. Be familiar with this data base and use it for your term project:a. Play and be familiar with this globalEDGE resource. Then, pick one particular ‘feature’/category that interests the most to you to work on. (For example, assuming you are interested in comparing the market potential of a few countries. So, you may want to look into the “Global Insight by Country” as shown in the Appendix.)b. Navigate this feature site and collect some data for your term project3. Submit one-page write up using the following three Headings: a. Data Category: Indicate which feature site that you choose to work on (attach citation as well)b. Data Collection: What data/statistic do you collect from this site? c. Term Project Application: Use “Term Project Guideline” (available on iLearn in the Term Project Session) as a reference and indicate clearly what particular information/data on this webstie can be used for Part I, or Part II analysis. Submission format: 1. Word file – one page write up.  2. You may use table, bullet points or charts to organize your writings.3. Make sure you use the three Headings listed above in your write up.  4. Due date (please follow the indication on the “course schedule and assignment due date” file). 


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