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Atrazine and Amphibians – unicorp essays


Based on the information in the introduction, what was the motivation behind doing this research? What hypothesis is the paper testing? Where can you find this information? As you are reading, keep a list of words that you are not familiar with. If the words are used frequently and/or seem important, look them up. As your answer to this question, record at least 5 words and their definitions. Describe what is being shown in Figures 1 and 2. Explain whether these figures support the hypothesis you wrote for (3). Describe what is being shown in Fig. 4. Explain whether or not it supports the hypothesis you wrote for (3). Based on the discussion (p. 5477-5479), do you think we should be worried about the effects of atrazine on (1) aquatic life and (2) humans? Explain why. The paper contains this sentence on p. 5478: “Disruption of steroidogenesis by atrazine has been reported in mammals (20–26) and reptiles (27), however.” Find the paper that is being referenced about how atrazine affects reptiles and write the citation as it appears in the references section at the end of the paper. How many papers have cited this one so far? Hint: Copy the entire title into a Google Scholar search window. You should see “Cited by” followed by the number of papers underneath the reference information. You could then look up papers citing this one by clicking on “Cited by”.


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