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Aviation – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

The aviation industry offers its customers a comfortable way to travel, and the labor force in this industry plays a very important role. The goal of Human Resource Management (HRM) in the aviation industry is to deliver its commitment towards the organization through motivating employees, cost and efficiency, and deriving higher performance from them through proper training while maintaining a healthy atmosphere within the organization. The HRM team must work closely with the organizational business partners for planning MRO objectives and the management of human capital. As always, the aviation industry is volatile, constantly in a state of change involving mergers, bankruptcies, and changing customer demand, yet HRM provides a systematic approach to remain in control to provide support to meet the changing needs of the organization through the attraction, retention, and motivation of a competent and diverse workforce.
For this activity, explore the Library or the Internet, and find articles that refer to Human Resource Management in the Aviation Industry.
Based on your readings and research conducted, address the following in a narrated presentation:

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources in the aviation/MRO industry.
Explain how Human Resource Management (HRM) supports cultural and gender inclusiveness while still implementing company objectives and complying with current company regulations.

Support your conclusions with a minimum of three references. 
Your presentation should be 10 slides (not including the title slide and reference slide) with bullet points and explanations in the note sections. Be creative, and think about how you can incorporate visual aids to add to your presentation. 

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