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Be an Online Subject in Psychology Research


2-3 pages, double spaced, 12 font. Link to study provided.

50 points possible


For this assignment, you have the opportunity to participate (as a subject) in one of the hundreds of psychology studies conducted online.  Below you will find links to many of these studies.  As you review the sites, take some time to review the many areas of psychology that are covered.  Choose a study that is personally interesting as well as one that might be interesting to others.  I think you will really find this assignment fun!

Your participation will usually include providing some personal information, but legitimate studies protect your anonymity and will state that upfront.  You might not be asked to do much more than complete a questionnaire. 

While some studies do not inform you of the exact nature of the study before you participate, you should be provided with a description of the purpose of the study after participating.  A big part of this assignment is interpreting the purpose of the study as it relates to the data collected.


So go to: (Links to an external site.)  

If interested, this site has specific studies related to understanding COVID 19 and the psychological response.   You might have to be over 18 for several of these studies. 

Your Paper

INTRODUCE:  Introduce your reader to your study.  A general paragraph introducing the title, the researchers, school where offered, and general information like purpose, length of time, and limitations, can be included. 

DESCRIBE:  This can be the most difficult part.  Describe the study and your participation in detail.  Is it simply a questionnaire?  How many questions and how were you asked to respond?  Were there different sets of questions with different types of responses requested? In your description, suggest what the sets of  questions were attempting to measure.  For example, 10 questions might be measuring anxiety levels. Give an example if helpful.     Be specific and detailed enough for your reader to be able to understand what you had to do as a subject in a research study.  Your description will lead to your explanation of what the study was about. If you do not describe your study in enough detail, you will not be able to suggest the purpose or hypothesis.  Organize this for your reader!  This might be several paragraphs long!

EXPLAIN:  Now that you have been a subject in the study, elaborate on what the researchers stated was the purpose of the study.  The researchers are often vague purposefully so as not to lead your answers. Given the types of questions provided, state what you think the study was about.  Specifically, state what you interpret are the important variables studied.  Often the researchers will give you a broad generalization regarding their study.  For example, they might state they are looking at the impact of personality on aggression but not inform you what traits they are measuring. 

And finally:  What would you guess was the hypothesis they were testing? Recall a hypothesis is an affirmative statement related to the variables.  This statement then can be tested.  The hypothesis should come from the kinds of questions asked. 

 Include the URL for the study as part of your write up.


Source link


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