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Building Regulation Studies – unicorp essays


Discuss the statement “In Australia, all buildings must comply with the deemed to satisfy (DTS) provisions in the Building Code of Australia”. Illustrate your answer by referring What is an F.R.L. and what do the three numbers. Classify the following building below (figure 1) according the BCA and give the reasons for your answer.
Determine the ‘rise in storeys’ for the following building in give the reasons for your answer.According to the BCA, the external walls of a building are required to be fireresisting when they are exposed and close to a side or rear boundary. Contrast the two methods used to determine if a wall in a Class 1 and Class 2 building is exposed to a fire source feature.
Determine the fire resisting requirements for the external walls of the Class 2 building shown in the following site plan below (figure 4) and give the reasons for your answer. Determine whether the exits serving the sprinkler-protected office in are required to be fire isolated and provide the reasons for your answer. The building shown in Figure 5 (above) has typical floor area of 1250 m2

Determine whether the egress from the single storey building in complies with the BCA ‘travel distance’ requirements and provide the reasons for your answer.Determine the emergency lighting and exit sign requirements for the buildingshown in Figure 6 above, and provide the reasons for your answer. The single storey factory building in comprises three (3) sole occupancy units, each being a separate fire compartment with a floor area of 400 m². Determine the fire hydrant and fire hose reel requirements for the building and provide the reasons for your answer.Outline which types of buildings must have sprinkler protection. Explain the rationale for sprinkler protection in these buildings.


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