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Business Paper – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

Strong Writing Skills Can Benefit Your Career:
In a technologically driven world, many students no longer see writing as a relevant skill to their career path. This mistaken view, unfortunately, leaves students who fail to take writing seriously in college at a disadvantage after graduation.
National surveys of business indicate that 82% of employers list the ability to communicate effectively as very important. When hiring recent college graduates, employers place the greatest priority on a “demonstrated proficiency in skills that cut across majors.” Writing skills near the top of the list.
Writing skills are also among the most requested baseline (or soft) skills regardless of job and occupation. Writing skills are best acquired through the act writing itself. The more you write, the more likely you are to improve your writing. What this means for a student is take your writing assignments seriously, especially if you are in a major that doesn’t require much writing. For those writing assignments you do have, take the time to organize your thoughts, write, re-write, and edit your work.
Another way to improve your writing is to read. Reading others’ work gives you a feel for forming coherent sentences, refining word choice, and learning the rhythm of readable prose.
Almost a quarter of American adults say they haven’t read a book—in whole or in part—in the last year. Reading just one or two good books a year can help set your writing above almost 25 percent of all Americans.
This week’s exercise will require some thought to your own career path and where you want to be in the near future. Choose five words that help to describe who you are and your career goals – they could be related to what you want to do and where you want to be a year or even five years from now. Take those five words and clearly articulate your responses to “why” they were chosen, “what” they mean to you and “where” do you want to go!
Exercise Instructions:  You are required to submit a 2-3 Page (please include a title & reference page), APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 2-3 pages, (please include a title & reference page) in APA format. For academic purposes, a minimum of one reference is required. 
Exercises must be the students original thoughts based on the topics from our Course Textbook and/or other referenced sources.  Direct quotes from references must be limited and less than 20 words.  Please review for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors.  

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