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Business Plan’s Service and Product Line. – unicorp essays


Write a Five- FULL Page paper addressing the Business Plan’s Service and Product Line.  Describe in detail the product line or service that you are going to offer your target market.  Write about how you are going to secure the product, (Include a Channel of Distribution) or the ingredients needed to manufacture your products.  If you are offering a service, the paper should include how you are going to bring it to market.  Write if you are going to use SaaS (Software as a Service) if the service will be strictly online.  If your service requires your target market to visit a Brick and Mortar establishment (Say you are offering a Federal TAX Return Service) write about how you will distinguish your service from others.  Write about the unique service you offer that your competitors do not.  Compare your unique services to your competitors and list your, PRICE-WISE, comparative advantage.  Finally, offer a price list for your products and services

Create a short answer Discuss the pros, cons, and differences between advertising and promotion.  Discuss why scores of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and ordinary laymen do not know the differences between the two.  Whether advertising or promoting a product or service, discuss the pros and cons of advertising promotion via television, radio, billboards, or via Angie, Craigs List.  Finally, discuss the pros and cons of securing a Public Relations campaign to promote small business goods and services.   


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