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Can Anyone Help In This Area


Florida, R. (2005, October). The world in numbers: The world is spiky. The Atlantic Monthly, 296(3), 48–51. Jacobson, M. (2007, May). Dharavi: Mumbai’s shadow city. National Geographic, 211(5), 68–93. Mohamad, N. H. b. N., & Ayob, L. A. Z. b. H. (2013). Urban life and the changing city. Asian Social Science, 9(9), 156–162.  Wagner, T. (2005, March 15). Switzerland remains a world model for safe cities with high quality of life. Sault Star, B8. a 250-word response in which you compare the perception of quality of life in your own city to that of your selected city as related to the issue of your thread: Thread 1: Housing Please includes references and I live in the city Jackson Misssippi

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