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Change Theory Versus Motivational Interviewing. – unicorp essays


15Jan 2022 by


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Hohman, Melinda. (2021). Motivational interviewing in social work practice (2nd ed.). New York: The Guilford Press. 
Magill, M., Apodaca, T. R., Borsari, B., Gaume, J., Hoadley, A., Gordon, R. E. F., Tonigan, J. S., & Moyers, T. (2018). A meta-analysis of motivational interviewing process: Technical, relational, and conditional process models of change. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 86(2), 140157. 
Resnicow, K. & McMaster, F. (2021). Motivational interviewing: moving from why to how with autonomy support. Int J. Behav Nutr Phys, 9 (19). 
Wagner, Joan. (2018). Leadership and influencing change in nursing. University of Regina Press. ISBN: 9780889775480

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