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Christian theology – unicorp essays


J., S.J., ed. Theological Foundations: Concepts and Methods for  Understanding Christian Faith. Winona, MN: Anselm Academic, 2011.1. In Chapter 1 of Theological Foundations on God, Brian Robinette discusses several traditional characteristics or “attributes” of God in Christian theology. In your own words, define the following terms from the reading.a. Transcendenceb. Immanencec. Aseityd. IneffabilityProvide a three to five sentence response to the question below.For this assignment, come up with a symbol that represents your own experience or interpretation of how the Catholic Church relates to the world around it. This does not require any advanced knowledge of the Catholic Church, just what you have picked up from others or from the media, etc. Your symbol can be positive, negative, or neutral. For example, if you think that the Catholic Church is beneficial to society because it provides moral teachings and teachings about God, your symbol could be a teacher. Or if you think the Catholic Church promotes ignorance and backwardness, your symbol could be a blindfold. Those are just examples, which you now cannot use. Explain your symbol in a couple of sentences.


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