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CIS120 Intro To Computer Science DF – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

 For the Week 1 Exercises, you will complete and submit thefollowing items. Chapter 1
In Chapter 1 we look at the big picture of computing by learning about thelayers of computing and how each layer will be covered in the book, which iswhere we start to focus in this exercise. We cover the history of computinghardware from the early history and progress through the generations to see thechanges over time, we then focus on software history from machine languagethrough the fifth generation to present. Finally, we cover computing as adiscipline to determine and the skills needed by practitioners. You will showyour knowledge of the topics by answering the following questions.

Discuss the layers of a computing system to list and briefly describe each layer. What is the importance of these combined layers?
Discuss how the early history of computing hardware differs from the several generations that followed in terms of the focus.
Discuss computer software history in terms of the generations and the years that encompassed the generations. Consider how writing programs progressed with each generation as compared to writing in machine code in the first-generation.
When considering computing as a discipline, determine and briefly describe the four areas in which Peter Denning states each practitioner must be skilled.

Chapter 5
In Chapter 5 we focus on computing components and the vonNeumann architecture that is still used in computers today. You will show yourknowledge of the topics by answering the following questions.

Describe the stored program concept and discuss the importance of this concept.  List and briefly describe the five components of the von Neumann architecture. 
Describe embedded systems and provide two examples of embedded systems within systems that you use.
Discuss the importance of parallel architectures and list the four general forms of parallel computing.

The purpose of the Exercise is to help you better understand thekey points. It is not sufficient to state your opinions alone; you must be ableto back up your responses by applying concepts and topics from the text withthe information that supports your findings. The expected response length is3-5 sentences per question.
Be as thorough as possible when writing your responses, andremember, this is an academic assignment, so no text-talk, no conversationaltone, and ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS don’t plagiarize!! Lastly,spell-check and proofread your work! Failure to follow these steps willnegatively impact your grade.
General APA Formatting Guidelines:
The exercise should have an APA title page and an APA referencepage. An APA abstract page is NOT required!
How to Set Up Your APA Paper: 
Upload your assignmentas a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document using thefollowing naming protocol:  LastnameFirstnameWK1Exercise
This week’s exercises will use the grading rubric listed in theGrading Rubrics section under the Course Syllabus.

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