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Citibank Credit Card Assignment – unicorp essays


Assignment 1

Should Citibank launch the card product? Why or why not?
Given the upscale customer base, how could Citibank position its card, if it decides to launch it?
Which countries should Citibank enter first? Which countries should it avoid?
How should Rana Talwar convince is country managers and head quarters to accept the card product? What organizational mechanisms does he have in his control?
If you chose not to introduce the card, what would you do to achieve the $100 million earnings target by 1990? What kind of branch banking products should the bank offer?

Assignment 2

Complete the attached spreadsheet Citibank break even.xls. it is partially complete.
You need to complete the spreadsheets for acquisition costs and also for the breakeven. Be sure to read the details of the case carefully and look at comparable markets if you do not have specific information about a market. Comparable market means a market with similar characteristics that you can logically use as a proxy for information you do not have.
This will inform your subsequent decisions to be discussed for Citibank Credit Card.


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