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cloud model – unicorp essays


1. Pick one of the following cloud models and select a specific service or application that you feel would be a valuable service for an organization to implement. 

Cloud Models to pick from are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and XaaS.

An example to discuss would be using Office 365 as a SaaS. (Do not pick Office 365 to discuss). 

In the post explain: 

Explain the type of cloud model and how it can be implemented (hybrid or all cloud). What is the specific service that you feel would be beneficial to an organization to use in the cloud?

What are the benefits of utilizing the service or infrastructure? What are the risks associated with implementing the service? What does the organization need to do to ensure the services are not interrupted or the services are not bogged down in their environment? What are some of the security metrics that must be implemented on both sides (client and cloud) to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the service? 


2. Research a current malicious attack. (Current means within the past 3-6 months). In detail, explain the attack and the target.  Was the attack on a specialized system? (Medical, smart meter, industrial)? How as the attack discovered? How could the attack have been prevented? What is the estimated cost of the attack? Cost can be reflected in dollars and impact to the organization. For example, has the organization lost credibility? Does the organization have to spend millions to provide customers with personal information protection? 


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