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Coca Cola Industrial Analysis – unicorp essays


28Jan 2022 by

After reviewing the PowerPoint on understanding financial statements and ratio analysis, create a narrated PowerPoint illustrating the financial health of your chosen organization.  Your presentation should contain no more than 10 slides (not including a title slide and a reference slide).
The following are suggested slides for inclusion in your presentation:

Sales Growth Rate
Earnings Growth Rate
Return On Assets (ROA)
Return On Equity (ROE)
Profit Margin
Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)
Total Asset Turnover

In addition to demonstrating your ability to interpret and analyze data, you should also be demonstrating your ability to present information clearly, succinctly, and visually through the use of PowerPoint.  Please consider the information in the video, “Death by PowerPoint” as you create your presentation.  (Hint: numbers and statistics are often difficult for an audience to digest- graphs, charts, etc. are good, visual solutions)


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