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Compare & Contrast essay – unicorp essays


30Jan 2022 by

Compare two articles by different authors. The two authors can both agree on the topic or disagree with each other. (Keep in mind that you are not arguing for or against anything right now. That comes later for the argument essay.)
_ Annotate both articles_ Discover who the authors are. Are they well known and trustworthy?_ Who did each author write his/her article for: the intended audience? (General public, professionals, a specific age group, political group, students, teachers…)_ What was the purpose the author had in mind for writing his/her article? (To share information? For his/her colleagues? A report for work? A call for action? To entertain?)_ What is the stance of each author? (Is he/she for or against the topic? Was he/she confident? knowledgeable? professional? friendly? earnest?)_ What genre did the author’s use? (letter? resume? report? arguing a position?)_ Did each author bring reliable information to the context of their articles? (graphs? pictures? opinions from other professionals? facts and reliable data?)_ What media did they use? (a professional journal publication? a website? a book? hard copy or electronic?)


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