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Compare password management tools – unicorp essays


Assignment background
In today’s world where everything is found online it can be difficult both professionally and personally to remember all of our application/system account name/password combinations. Fortunately there are several account/password management applications available.
Assignment tasks

Use your favorite Internet search tool to find and research (2) commercially available account/password management applications.
Upload an MS Word/.PDF document to Blackboard that contains the following items:

1) Cover page
2) Introduction – State the purpose of the document
3) Application 1 – List the name and manufacturer of account/password management application 1
4) Application 2 – List the name and manufacturer of account/password management application 2
5) Application details – Create a table that listed the following about both applications:

Platforms/operating systems the applications are available on
Is a mobile version available, if so on what devices/operating systems
Are the applications commercially available (i.e. has a cost) or free?
Are the applications for business or personal use?

6) Recommendation – Paragraph that states a recommendation for using (1) account/password management  application over the other.  Clearly provide a reason why (1) application was chosen over the other.

Spelling, grammar and “readability” counts
Must upload an MS Word or .PDF document
Please be sure to have content which addresses each of the topics listed above
This assignment will be run through Blackboard’s SafeAssign application. 


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