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Conduct a a problem you find on the topic of “Homelessness in New York City”: re


Conduct a a problem you find on the topic of “Homelessness in New York City”: read the 10 pages on the folder of “1988 5 yr plan to relieve homelessness” I posted the link click here to read: then conduct a reflection in which they explain what was in the pages they read, pose a specific problem based on what they found in those pages? explain why that problem is interesting to them? and suggest a preliminary hypothesis in response to their problem. After conduct a report on The research topic on Homelessness in NYC. GOOGLE RESEARCH on the problem you picked and find statistics to support your evidence on the topic. Such as you information about affordable housing availability or safety and/or images of affordable housing application processes, gathering available statistics or demographics of residents and/or building sites in NYC. Statistics about your topic search DATA CHARTS, GRAPHS, PHOTOGRAPHIES, VIDEO LINKS, if cases are going up or down in the topic of the problem in homeslessness in NYC & availability in how many facilities/shelters in NYC homelessness. Cite your sources after. I attached the rubric above so please follow the guidelines.Rubric follow: 1. The Field Memo begins with a description of what the student is looking for and why it is relevant for their research paper.2. The Field Memo describes details about WHERE the student is (virtually), WHO is being talked to, WHAT was said/observed, and WHEN the research was conducted.3.The Field Memo includes an analysis of what the student learned, how the information should be interpreted, and how the information will fit into the final paper.4.The Field Memo includes supporting evidence of the student’s findings, such as photographs, excerpts of audio recordings, or images of real-world artifacts.5. *The information gathered seems reliable, unbiased, and accurate. *It is proofread. *It is a minimum of 750-words in length.


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