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Conjoint/Family Therapy – unicorp essays


24Jan 2022 by

Critique two professional articles involving differenttherapy approaches for marriage therapy, couples counseling, or family therapy.
The paper must include:
1. summary of the articles,
2. an overview of the content,
3. an analysis of the articles findings or conclusions,
4. a discussion of any problems or concerns you have with themethodology or reported conclusions.

You must compare and contrast these two approaches, identifying thearticles value in terms of its suggestions, findings, and applications.

Utilize information from the textbook :  (11thed.).
Heatherington, L., & Johnson, B. (2019). Socialconstructionism in couple and family therapy: Narrative, solution-focused, andrelated approaches. In B. H. Fiese, M. Celano, K. Deater-Deckard, E. N. Jouriles,& M. A. Whisman (Eds.), APA handbook of contemporary familypsychology: Foundations, methods, and contemporary issues across the lifespan.,Vol. 1. (pp. 127142). American Psychological Association.
Nichols, M. P. & Davis, S., (2016).  (11thed.). Retrieved from Chapter1: The Evolution of Family Therapy
Yazar, R.,& Tolan, . (2021). Cognitive-Behavioral Approach in MaritalTherapy. Current Approaches in Psychiatry / Psikiyatride GuncelYaklasimlar, 13(1), 122.


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