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Conservatorship – unicorp essays


Whether it be people with medical disabilities/pre-existing conditions, or people with a mental health, developmental, intellectual, or sensory disabilities, the experience of being conserved is daunting for many people with disabilities and their loved ones. However, most people remain unaware of the controversy surrounding the topic of conservatorship until recently with the Britney Spears case. For this assignment, your task is to examine and learn how conservatorship affects the lives of people with a variety of disabilities, as well as their families. Learning Objectives: Students will summarize three references that address the topic of conservatorship and the disability community. Students will apply their knowledge of course concepts to the topic of conservatorship. Students will explore alternatives to conservatorship. Students will examine the controversies surrounding disability and conservatorship and evaluate their own perspectives on these issues. Assignment Content RequirementsYou are required to complete the following prompts. For each prompt, please write 1-3 paragraphs. Summarize and provide your opinion on the controversy of the #FreeBritney (Britney Spears) movement. Explain some of the issues and arguments that you find. Examine three references on the topic of conservatorship. These references should be a combination of peer-reviewed articles, online sources, or online videos. In your summaries include key points and arguments. Make sure to cite your sources (include a link to your source) How accessible was it for you to find current, understandable information regarding conservatorship and alternatives to conservatorship? Were there resources in other languages? Non-legaleze resources for families? How accessible is information regarding alternatives to conservatorship for immigrant families who speak other languages, or parents with learning disabilities, etc? What barriers did you discover in your search? Reflect on what you’ve learned in this course so far and about conservatorship. What are your opinions on the topic? What surprised you? What do you agree or disagree with? Assignment Format RequirementsMicrosoft Word ONLY 12-point font Double-spaced 2-page minimum Question/Answer format is acceptable and preferred No MLA or APA formatting requirement Assignment Format Requirements 2-3 pages Microsoft Word format ONLY 12-point font Double-spaced Assignment #2 RubricAssignment 2 RubricCriteria Meets Standard(10 pts) Approaching Standard (9-7 pts) Below Standard(5-0pts) Assignment Content Assignment includes all content requirements. Assignment is missing one or two required parts. Assignment is missing more than two required parts. Thoughtful Responses to Each Section Responses demonstrate clear understanding of the questions/prompts. Responses are thoughtful, cohesive, descriptive, and complete. Responses demonstrate partial understanding of the questions/prompts, and/or responses are incomplete. Responses do not demonstrate understanding of the questions/prompts, and/or minimal effort is evident. Written Expression Writing flows and is easy to comprehend and grade. Uses appropriate grammar and punctuation to clearly express thoughts. Writing includes some errors in grammar and/or punctuation, or is lacking in clear expression, but it is comprehensible enough that the reader can understand. Writing has many errors in grammar and/or punctuation and is confusing or difficult to understand. Disability Related Language Assignment utilizes appropriate disability related language. Uses person-first language unless the student is a person with a disability (PWD) and indicates identity-first language preference). Assignment avoids the use of inspiration porn or outdated, inappropriate disability-related euphemisms or terms. Wording affirms dignity. Assignment mostly utilizes appropriate disability related language. Mostly uses person-first language (unless identity-first language preferred by PWD). Assignment includes minimal inspiration porn or outdated, inappropriate disability-related euphemisms or terms. Wording may not always affirm dignity. Assignment uses inappropriate disability-related terminology, including inspiration porn, euphemisms, and terms that affronts the dignity of people with disabilities.


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