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Cookie Business – unicorp essays

13Jan 2022 by

Cookie Business Final Presentation

Now that you have completed running some calculations for the cookie business in Unit VII, you will present your findings.The learning objectives of this project allow you to apply accounting concepts and standards to the creation of accounting information and reports. Using your final project from Unit VII as a guide, create a ten-slide PowerPoint presentation. (I have attached my Unit VII paper with the excel spreadsheet)
In this presentation, you want to summarize what you found and discuss how you think these findings will help you make better business decisions. In addition, provide future recommendations for the cookie business based on your report findings.
– Your presentation slides should be somewhat simple (incomplete sentences, bullets, etc.) with appropriate graphics or images. 
– You must add content to your presentation (completed sentences) through either the notes feature in PowerPoint. 

– Be sure to use APA formatting throughout. Include at least two resources in your report. ( If you need an example of APA formatting, please let me know and  I will download from the university website)

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