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CPT Trauma Intervention Evaluation and Critique – unicorp essays


The goals of this assignment are for students to evaluate and critique a trauma intervention, grounded in current research, and make recommendations for future use by counsellors working in the field of trauma.
Students are to prepare a 9-10 page (average 250 words per page in Times New Roman 12-point font)  paper that will outline a critique of an evidence-based trauma intervention.  This critique will outline the intervention, discuss the benefits and limitations, and allow the students to explore further training available for the use of this intervention in the future.

Write a formal paper in which you outline and explain in detail one of the following evidenced based trauma interventions and conduct a critique of the selected intervention. Choose one of the following:

Somatic Experiencing Therapy (SE)

The paper, not including title page and reference section, will be 9-10 double-spaced pages (average 250 words per page in Times New Roman 12-point font).
The paper will contain the following information:

Theoretical perspective and basis of the intervention;
Detailed outline of selected intervention strategy and how it works from beginning to end;
Benefits and limitations to treatment and use (supported with references);
Comparison to other strategies currently in use (How is it more or less effective?); and
Recommendations for future use and further training within that intervention strategy.

This paper will be prepared in the most recent APA format and supplemented by references from peer-reviewed journals.

Any sources used to support your paper should, of course, be cited using the correct and most recent APA format.  And although it can be a useful starting place to gather very general information, in order to later verify it with more substantial sources, no Wikipedia references will be accepted as primary scholarly resources. Here’s just one reason why: 
A minimum of 6 relevant research articles should be included from outside the textbook.  Academic papers require the use of peer-reviewed academic journal articles to help justify and substantiate opinions.

In addition to the most recent APA format, writing quality (including grammar and spelling) will count toward the final grade.  Therefore, proofreading is strongly encouraged.


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