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Creating a Musem Proposal – unicorp essays


A museum exhibit has a very specific job: to inform and entertain the museum goer; to tell a story from history and hopefully bring the museum goer to a place of insight where they are able to identify the relevance of this history, today.
In this assignment, you want to imagine yourself as the curator of a museum exhibit.  As the curator it is your job to identify the best artifacts and information to include in an exhibit to tell the most informative, as well as interesting, story.  This is curating.
This assingment is a proposal of that idea and how you might go about putting it together. 
1. Let’s begin by choosing a topic.  You may choose from the ones I have listed here, or create your own:
The Symbolic:

An Examination of the Lion in Art as a Symbol of POWER, from Ancient Mesopotamia to the 18th century.
An Examination of Flowers as Religious Symbols in Art from Ancient Mesopotamia to the 18th century.  (Flowers can be substituted with birds, cats, bees, etc. )

The Holy:

A study of Jesus Christ’s image from Early Christianity to Modern Era, with an emphasis on images of the Crucifixion.
An examination of Religious Art featuring a Winged Messenger, from Ancient era to the Middle Ages.

The Rebels:

Rebellious Game-Changers: An exploration of notable individuals who boldly broke away from the norm and changed history

The Powerful:

Renowned Portraits in Sculpture (or Painting) of Men Who Held Positions of Power from New Kingdom to the 18th century
Renowned Portraits in Sculpture (or Painting) of Women Who Held Positions of Power from New Kingdom to the 18th century
The Power of Propaganda: Ten Notable Artifacts that Scream “propaganda,” how and why, from Ancient Mesopotamia to 20th century

The Lover:

An Exploration of Art Illustrating Deities of Love and Beauty from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern Era
Love Stories that changed history; an exploration of powerful love stories that made a notable impact on history, from Ancient Egypt to the Renaissance.


An exhibit of ten notable items of technology that greatly affected the world, from Ancient Mesopotamia to 19th century (for this one, choose a BRANCH of the humanities and follow the evolution of technology in that realm. For instance- technology in navigation and travel; or technology in communication; or technology in medicine… etc.)

The Persecuted:

An exhibit that explores the persecution of Jews from Ancient Egypt to Modern day

Last option:

CHOOSE YOUR OWN THEME- be sure to have a clear set of criteria that point your research in a focused manner. THE TOPIC MUST SPAN AT LEAST 800 YEARS AND CANNOT FOCUS ON JUST ONE CIVILIZATION. I am happy to help you cultivate a theme that you may have in mind just reach out to me before the due date of this assignment.

2. Now that you have your topic, let’s write the proposal:
1.) In your proposal your first paragraph will define your topic, or theme of the exhibit.    A good theme has at least three points of criteria.  A clear and concise list of criteria will help YOU when researching and organizing your thoughts.
How to create a list of criteria? Ask yourself questions, such as:  What are the 10 eras I want to look at?  If your looking at art, identify WHAT KIND, sculpture, painting, objects, etc. If you have an identifying word such as “power” define WHAT the word means.  Then also identify which realm you will explore: power in politics? religion? education?  NOTE: YOUR TOPIC MUST SPAN AT LEAST 800 YEARS AND CANNOT FOCUS ON JUST ONE CIVILIZATION (such as the Greeks, or the Romans)
2.) In the second part of the proposal you will briefly describe how you intend to break the subject matter up into 10 slides (this includes just the informative slides, not the intro and conclusion).  To do this, after your description of the subject matter, make a list from 1-10 and by each number indicate what each slide will focus on.  Your proposal is merely a sketch of an idea, the intention is to get you thinking about the assignment and to set you on a focused path of research.   If this idea changes after you start getting into your research, that is ok… this is not uncommon, and part of the process (that’s why we start early).  That being said, this proposal requires a little, light research.  Start exploring the internet testing out sources and seeing if this topic is one that you can work with.  The 10 ideas should not just be a chronological list of eras, it should be this and more; an idea/example of what you plan to do for each slide should be “sketched” out in text.  REMEMBER, you are a curator.  Keep the vision of your museum exhibit in mind as you slowly start to pull the pieces together.
3.) Lastly, indicate how you plan to go about researching your topic.  Will you be using the online library database? Will you look at academic articles or seek out websites, or both? Might you consider documentary films?  Visit online museums? List at least TWO exact sources, sources that you have taken a peek into and realize will be helpful in your research.  Remember, this is just a proposal of how you plan to work just to get you thinking.  You may not be sure of how it will all come together, but it is good to think it over and try to consider how this might go down.
3. Wrap it up:
Please submit your proposal as a word document, and be mindful of your grammar and spelling.
Your proposal must be submitted by APRIL 1st.
I will respond with feedback so be sure to read what ideas I offer to you. 😉


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