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Critical Reflection Journal Entry #2


Your journal entry should demonstrate an understanding of the assigned topics and themes, and draw connections to your own experiences, and/or current events. After you complete the reading and lecture for the week, please upload your answers to the following questions:
What is one thing you learned from this weeks reading/lecture?Did the readings challenge anything you previously knew (or thought you knew)? If so, how?How do the readings reveal the importance of intersectionality?How does the reading/lecture expand your understanding of diversity, (in)justice, and crime?How do the readings connect to one another or other course readings?How do the readings help you make sense of current events or your own experiences?What important question(s) remain unanswered?Comments/questions/concerns:You should answer each question in 3-5 sentences. Your journal entry should be double spaced, using times new roman, 12-point font.
Please Watch as part of lecture


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