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Critical Thinking Assignment – Smart Custom Essays


The essay format must use APA formatting, with 12-font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins.  Your response must be well-thought-out and display your comprehension of the material covered.  Be sure to relate outside sources back to your text.
Please be certain to answer all components of the critical thinking questions.
The text discusses the circumstances under which whistleblowing is considered moral.  After reading the below-provided article(s), assess whether the whistleblowing, in this case, was moral according to the guidelines discussed in the text.
Then, discuss the challenges the officer faced in deciding to blow the whistle, any retaliation that occurred, the impact of the retaliation on the officer, and how the fear of retaliation may impact officers who witness corruption on the job.
Review all three recent news stories below that report on incidents of whistleblowing in law enforcement:
1- Police Whistleblowers Could Help Curb Unethical Practices Within the Force: (Links to an external site.)
2- Judge Cuts $453K From $1.5M Jury Award to ‘Whistle-blowing’ Morristown Police Office: (Links to an external site.)
 (Links to an external site.)3-  Vineland Settles Police Whistleblower Lawsuit for $425,000: (Links to an external site.)


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