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cross cultural business issues – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

Cross Cultural Business Issues

You are asked to select a Cross-cultural topic (different from the one you have selected for your midterm) inrelation to the course field.It can be a company, a merger that has experienced intercultural problems, or a topic from this course:diversity, intercultural problems in marketing or during negotiations 
Give a brief introduction of the topic (here you describe the firm or the merger, your experience, thetopic selected – page- 
Analyze the Cross-cultural issue (s) with the necessary dimensions from Hofstede or TrompenaarsHampden you consider to be relevant – to 1 page- 
Retrieve some articles (either on EBSCO or from business magazines or journal, for ex. Wall StreetJournal, Forbes, Business Week etc.) that describe similar situation(s) and explain what the managers of the firm, merger or placed in the situation you have selected could have done better -to 1 page- 
Summarize the essay with a formal conclusion: what you learned from your research for thisassignment, further exploration that could be done to expand on your research and recommendations- to page

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