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Cross-Cultural Learning in Panama – unicorp essays


Assignment ObjectivesIdentify and discuss travel, cultural, and the population health considerations for preceptors and student nurses traveling to Panama.
Assignment Overview Submit a 2-3 page APA style information paper to guide health care professionals traveling to Panama.
Overview of scenario:
You are in charge of planning the travel, housing, and clinical experiences of ten BSN nursing students traveling to Panama.  This will be a 2-week cross-cultural learning experience.  You have decided you will write a 2-3 page information paper in order to provide to students and administration travel guidance as well as guidance regarding important cultural and population health considerations prior to their participation in this Panama Cross-Cultural Learning Experience.
Read Chapter 20 of your eText Review the Case Study 1 at the end of the chapter: Cross Cultural Learning
Review Panamas Country Profile on World Health Organization site
Review travel and vaccination requirements on CDC site
Include/Address the following in this 2-3 page written information paper (APA Style):
Title Page
Panama – Country Profile
PopulationGeographical locationGross National Income per capitaLife expectancy at birthTotal expenditure on health per capitaTotal expenditure on health as % of GDP
Travel Requirements and Considerations
Passport and VisaImmunizationsSafety Concerns
Cultural Background
Discuss different cultures in PanamaLanguages spokenVerbal Communication practices so as not to violate social taboosNonverbal Communication practices so as not to violate social taboos
Population Health Considerations
Discuss main health concerns in PanamaDiscuss main Environmental concern(s)Discuss main ethical concerns in health careConclusion
A minimum of 4 references (will include a combination of CDC, WHO, and peer reviewed literature search)


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