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Cultural relativism – unicorp essays


23Jan 2022 by

Cultural relativism states that a person’s culture dictates one’s morals and virtues. An example may be that an eastern culture engages in arranged marriages without the consent of the two parties who are getting married. We in the West might condemn this practice because it ignores the autonomy of the parties involved and neglects the value of “freedom of choice.” Further, we might say that love would have little to do with the marriage (at least in the beginning). So, does cultural relativism impact the West (i.e., America, Europe, etc.)? In other words, does our culture dictate what we perceive as morally good or morally bad? If no, why not? If yes, how so? How do the moral philosophies of relativism and absolute truth shape culture? 

Students will compose a 300-word reflection essays corresponding to the discussion prompts provided by the professor. Students are also required to respond in a substantial way (i.e., including affirmations and evaluations) to two fellow students posts in the forum (100 words). Refer to Reflection Essay Rubric for grading criteria.

Grammar & Style. All discussion board posts should adhere to basic rules of style and grammar. Facebook-post-level grammar is not acceptable. Write your posts and responses in Times New Roman, 12 pt font (single-spaced). Do not use bulleted/numbered lists in your posts.
Word Count. At the end of each post, please include the word count of your post in parenthesis on a separate line at the bottom of the post. Please refer to the Assignment Lengths policy for more information.
Source Citations. Due to the formatting limitations of Canvas, you may cite sources in-line in parenthesis. Here is the appropriate format (author name, Title of Book, page number).
Responses. Your responses should not be summaries of your classmates essays. I already know what your classmates posts have to say, I am looking for your thoughts in the responses. Seek to add to the discussion in a meaningful way in your responses. Make sure to be kind and courteous in your responses even if you disagree with your classmate. Commend your classmates for their positive contributions and provide insight into some areas of discussion they may have left untapped.


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