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Debate – should English be the official language of the U.S.? – unicorp essays


This week, I want you to make an argument for one side of the debate (either pro or con, your choice).  Use evidence from the articles provided below.  In addition, discuss your own opinion and give reasons for your opinion.  If you wish, you can also offer some anecdotal evidence, or evidence in the form of stories that people tell about what has happened to them.  This written assignment requires a minimum of 250 words.There are 2 required reading materials for this assignment (see below). Please read both of these before writing your response.1) In the book titled Press ONE for English, please read the chapter titled “Symbolic Politics: Theory and Evidence.” (Links to an external site.).”Schildkraut, Deborah J.2005  Symbolic Politics: Theory and Evidence in Press ONE for English: Policy, Public Opinion, and American Identity, by Deborah J. Schildkraut, pp. 21-37. Princeton University Press2) Newspaper article in the Star Tribune (Links to an external site.).Article title: “English-only debate revs up: Bills in the Legislature would make English the state’s official language. Would such a law unite or divide us?”by Allie Shah, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 26 Feb 2011: A.1.


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